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LNG -- Liquified Natural Gas


Electregy is looking for a supplier of LNG for immediate sale. We are authorized representatives of a U.S. based LNG company that has contracts with (1) U.S. Military (2) Various Caribbean nations (3) Indian companies (4) Chinese companies (5) Mexico. This LNG company buys and distributes large quantities of LNG, they have their own ships and are building a $2.5B LNG facility in Louisiana. Their need is immediate but are very particular in first validating the seller. They can take either type of LNG with no problem. They prefer to do FOB 5-year minimum deals (10 yr preferred) and transport the LNG themselves on their own ships. They can start with 250,000 MT (or greater) per month and if the LNG is flowing, increase this number significantly.


Before beginning the contract discussions, we are authorized and required to review the supplier/refinery's profile, get pricing, know which port/refinery the fuel is coming from and be able to directly call the refinery to validate all informatiom provided, written or otherwise. We can provide a letter of authorization as requested by the supplier.


In particular, we will need to:

1. Validate the supplier

2. Validate that the offer is legitimate

3. Validate that the supplier is able to ship the amount of LNG they have indicated.


In return, we can send you the buyer's info once we begin this process.


We look forward to a long lasting and successful business relationship.



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