Cost-Effective Conversion of Non-food Biomass into Fuels

Electregy is a U.S. based group representing trading and mining operations that sells, facilitates and reps a variety of commodities products like iron ore, gold, diamonds, phosphate and petroleum products.





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Cellulosic Ethanol

Electregy is pursuing the development of solutions that cost-effectively convert abundant, non-food biomass into fuels. Making fuels from food waste and weeds such jatropha, switchgrass and woodchips creates an environmentally sustainable solution to reduce pollution and CO2.


EthanolMost of the energy stored by plant and food products is in their actual structure -- the lignocellulose – and not the parts used to feed humans. But these stiffer, woodier parts of plants, though rich in complex sugars, are not easily broken down into useable energy. Harnessing natural processes that breakdown complex lignocellulosic materials into simpler sugars that can be fermented or otherwise crafted into fuels is an area where Electregy scientists are making significant breakthroughs.


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