Power Grid Tie-in & Long Distance Transmission Lines

Electregy is a U.S. based group representing trading and mining operations that sells, facilitates and reps a variety of commodities products like iron ore, gold, diamonds, phosphate and petroleum products.





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Smart Grid

Electregy Revolution provides solutions for smart power grids and long distance transmission lines. Alternate energy solutions, rising energy costs and greater burdens on the energy grid are the main reasons why the U.S. needs and is building out a new power grid.


The problem with our existing grid system is that we lose over 50% of the power generated by the time it gets to the end-user. The national grid was built over 50 years ago when the population was less than half of what it is today and before the advent of the computer. Electregy utilizes the best-of-breed technologies available to deploy smart grid solutions that maximize reliability while minimizing the power losses.



Expert Deployment

At Electregy, our transmission engineers and partners provide the next generation smart grid solutions With Wind and Solar farms growing, the need for power transmission is more important now than ever before. Electregy Revolution inspects all deployments with a comprehensive inspection process. Electregy Revolution provides transmission and power conversion technology and installation expertise enabling power plant installations in remote rural areas. That’s why we offer industry-leading warranties on power output, workmanship, and components.


Best-of-Breed Technologies

Electregy offers best–of-breed solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers from power plant power conversion to grid installations.


Electregy applies smart techniques and technologies to its grid solutions to better route power and minimize any power losses. Its self-healing, managed power solutions using sensors, meters and digital controls ensure a continue flow of electricity over long distances.


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