High-efficiency solar power solutions

Electregy is a U.S. based group representing trading and mining operations that sells, facilitates and reps a variety of commodities products like iron ore, gold, diamonds, phosphate and petroleum products.





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Solar - Power Plant & Grid-Tie Solutions

Solar Power PlantsElectregy SolarPlants™ are self-contained, integrated solar power systems designed for site loads of over 50KW that require 12/24/48VDC or 110VAC-240VAC at 50Hz/60Hz. Wired to NEC standards, each SolarPlant provides low-cost, reliable and environmentally-friendly power, saving the on-going expense of using utility power. SolarPlants are designed for a wide variety of solar exposures, including low-light locations. Each level of exposure uses a differing solar panel technology to provide the maximum day-light electricity generation. The systems are engineered to withstand harsh environments, temperatures and high wind loads while reliably providing continuous DC power with battery backup from a DC source. SolaPlants store the generated electricity in a variety of DC and inverter AC battery options, including hybrid AC/DC and redundant power solutions.


Custom power plant solutions for prime and subcontract requirements – SBA 8A.

Electregy can offer prime contractor and subcontractor facilities for the purposes of contract government work. In particular, Electregy can offer its solutions via the SBA 8A government set-aside programs. Please contact us for more details


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