High-efficiency solar power solutions

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Why Solar?


Constant low-cost structure

Solar power can be generated at the home, the office or a remotely located power plant. In all cases, there is very little cost in operating a solar power system. The predominance in cost is with capital expenditures in purchasing and deploying the system. The federal government has recently renewed its commitment to incentivize the deployment of these systems by extending a tax credit of 30%. In addition, there is no longer a cap of $2000 on any tax credit for residential system.


In an era where the price of oil and gas vary on a daily basis and energy costs continue to skyrocket, solar power provides a constant flow of energy with little cost. In fact, by providing solar energy to the grid by day during peek hours and extracting electricity from the grid at night, a residence can make a steady flow of income installing solar panels.


Environmentally sustainable

Petroleum and coal solutions produce significant quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is making global weather more violent and pollution that is assaulting our bodies with unhealthy chemicals leading to an alarming growth of diseases including asthma and cancer. Our economy and our livelihoods are based on toxic petroleum energy. Solar power panels produce energy without introducing any harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. All energy that is produced by solar panels is in the form of electricity that can be either use immediately or feed back into the grid.


National Defense

The past decade has taught us that energy independence is necessary to maintain the national defense. The sun provides an unlimited supply of energy that helps to break our dangerous dependence on other countries to provide this critical resource.


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