Power Plants & Grid-Tie Solutions using Wind

Electregy is a U.S. based group representing trading and mining operations that sells, facilitates and reps a variety of commodities products like iron ore, gold, diamonds, phosphate and petroleum products.





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Wind Power Plants


Power plants and grid-tie solutions using wind

Electregy provides wind farm solutions that work with utilities to tie-in your wind generated energy to the local electric grid. Our high quality control standards and reliability requirements enable us to reduce the complexity of this process. Electregy identifies promising corridors, appropriate sites and potential wind energy production. Our engineers produce accurate and detailed wind speed, wind energy production maps and electrical usage data that contribute to critical decisions made during project development. Our world-class support team will make your successful wind energy project a reality.


Custom power plant solutions for prime and subcontract requirements – SBA 8A.

Electregy can offer prime contractor and subcontractor facilities for the purposes of contract government work. In particular, Electregy can offer its solutions via the SBA 8A government set-aside programs. Please contact us for more details.


Expert Deployment

At Electregy, we select only the most qualified engineers and dealers to provide the next generation of power solutions. Electregy Revolution inspects all deployments with a comprehensive inspection process. Electregy Revolution provides wind turbine technology and installation expertise easing transition from high cost environmentally unfriendly power systems to low-cost solutions that tap into the clean and unlimited energy of the wind. That’s why we offer industry-leading warranties on power output, workmanship, and components.


Best-of-Breed Technologies

Providing quality power solutions is our mission. Electregy offers best–of-breed solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers from wind power grid installations to residential end-user accounts.


This means that deployments in consistently windy locations as well as gusty urban roof-top areas are offered targeted solutions meeting their specific needs within specified budgets.


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