Power Plants & Grid-Tie Solutions using Wind

Electregy is a U.S. based group representing trading and mining operations that sells, facilitates and reps a variety of commodities products like iron ore, gold, diamonds, phosphate and petroleum products.





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Wind Products

Electregy provides best-of-breed wind energy products to suit a variety of budgets and environments. From Vertical Axis turbines to Rooftop rotor turbines, Electregy’s provides a wide variety of solutions to suit the needs of Green energy customers. Electregy solutions are ideal for the government sector.


Hybrid Streetlights

As cities strive to reduce their power usage and become more Green, these streetlights are ideal for cities, municipalities and schools. They utilize wind & solar power to operate and can reduce your utility generated electricity cost.








Rotor Type Turbine

Installed on or off-grid, these turbines are used in areas that have open space such as farms. They can produce large amounts of electricity and are often incorporated into large region wind-farms. Electregy solutions are 50kW to 100kW power generators.








Vertical Axis Turbine (VAWT)

Used in colder regions and urban areas, these compact solutions can be mounted on rooftops and are available with numerous power generating capabilities. VAWTs are quiet, efficient and economical. Electregy evaluated the environment in which these would be used and offers the appropriate solution.







Industrial Vertical Axis Turbine

Similar to VAWTs, these large turbines are perfect for large commercial and industrial applications. They can be installed on rooftops or as part of large urban wind farms. They are recommended for large volume end users and can offer power generation of over 20KW.


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